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How to rank better on Youtube - Ade Camilleri News
As more than half of the global Internet traffic is already video content, and it is expected that stat going up even to 80% for 2020, and Youtube is the second Search Engine by daily searches, just under its owner, giant Google, SEO techniques regarding to the mentioned Video Sharing...
Samsung bets hard for Youtube Ads
Youtube is currently the second search engine by daily searches, just after giant Google, and within a global website traffic that is focused on video content, even over a 70%, ads on Google's worldwide famous Video Sharing platform mean a powerful reaching tool nowadays. Samsung has certainly understood that and...
Youtube viewers over 1B hours daily! - Ade Camilleri
It is well known by every marketer, or at least it should, that Youtube is definitely the king of web video content, becoming even the second most used search engine, just after its partner giant Google. Which most of industry professionals also know is how video content is conquering bit...

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