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Will Machines replace Marketers?
A lot is being developed regarding to A.I. within all kind of machines, and a lot of people is starting to be sceptical about humanity's future. It is a truth that machines have changed human society always, from vehicles to factories, arriving to the A.I. and automated remote processes controlled...
Adrian Camilleri - digital marketing news - media plan - website success
If you have done an excellent job of optimizing your website with high quality keywords, but you are not getting many customers, something is definitely wrong. Website is the best weay to promote your business and get the customers to buy or use, whatever you are offering. At times,...
Adrian Camilleri - digital marketing news - data analysis- media plan
Marketing automation tools enable advertisers to make exceptional campaigns that have a particular message based on a prospect’s needs. Using targeted messages combined with high quality content, advertisers can easily draw in and escort leads to convert them in to paying customers. Campaigns are most effective when both content and message speak directly to the...
Adrian Camilleri - digital marketing news - social media- media plan
Every year in January we can await for these what-trends-to-expect-in-2017 type of articles. Personally, I find them informative and useful, since it's good to be prepared for all the upcoming tendencies and have them in mind, while creating marketing strategies for the client. To analyze data gathered from Social...

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