How to get into Trending Voice Searching - Ade Camilleri

Voice Searching, which were a funny feature that was on way of being properly developed a few years ago, are not even the future anymore, but the present. We are, effectively, assisting one more time to another step of our societies changing life habits because of Digital Environment.

This definitely brings a new perspective over SEO current techniques, within which ranking priorities are, as usual, changing a bit. Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa or Cortana, between some others, will be, in the future, deeply responsible of the answers you get when you look for them.

While quality and regular content is still the key to make Google get a thorough picture about your info, and best way to get your brand content shared by others, that content will have to be focused, in the upcoming future, on a Voice Searching way, since stats are revealing that this new way of looking for info is highly increasing regarding to popularity, already starring 20% of total online searches.

According to Hitwise, nearly 60 percent of searches are now performed on a mobile device. With more and more people using mobile devices to search, people often find it’s easier to use their voice to search instead of typing on tiny screens.

This means SEO professionals need to start thinking about content and SEO differently.

Searching by voice is a hot topic among forward-thinking SEO professionals. At SMX West 2017 last month, Benu Aggarwal had a popular session on the subject, “Optimizing Content for Voice Search and Virtual Assistants.” During that session, she gave some great tips on how SEOs can start thinking and planning for a different type of search strategy for voice searches.

These new voice devices and technology make it easier than ever for people to simply ask a question and get information from their device. This allows for a more natural way to interact with machines using a conversational voice. Using your voice, you can now play music, turn on your lights, search for a local pizza restaurant, order products and get information on everything from breaking news to the weather.

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Ade Camilleri is a leading Internet marketer and Data Marketing Analyst for some of the worlds leading Comapnies with a focus on Tourism, Public Companies, Government Organmisatioons and iGaming. He forms part of the Media Plan group of Copmpanies who provide Digital Marketing Services for iGaming, Tourtism and Fortune 500 Companies.