Chrome could include Ad Blocker on upcoming updates

Google Chrome is the most used browser worldwide, being present in more than 50 % of global devices, including both desktop and mobile ones.

Online advertising has become an annoying issue that makes user experience definitely worse, and after the success of ad blocker extensions and software, Google finally decided to implement its own tool to keep on the top of worldwide browsing, or maybe to give more value to its own ads.

Recent studies show that almost 600 million devices already use some kind of ad blocker anyway, so this could be seen as a logic step regarding to improving Google Chrome utilities.

The types of ads the blocker would address are reportedly those below a standard of quality and consumer acceptance established by the Coalition for Better Ads, a group that includes Google and Facebook. The WSJ asserts:

Unacceptable ad types would be those recently defined by the Coalition for Better Ads, an industry group that released a list of ad standards in March.

In one possible application Google is considering, it may choose to block all advertising that appears on sites with offending ads, instead of the individual offending ads themselves.

Ad blockers are used widely on PCs and smartphones but haven’t yet materialized into the crisis the industry feared in 2015. Still, according to PageFair, more than 600 million devices globally were running ad-blocking software as of December 2016. A majority of those (62 percent) were mobile devices.

The WSJ article further explains, based on its sources, that part of the motivation for Google is to stunt the growth of third-party ad blockers, some of which seek to position themselves as paid gatekeepers between advertisers and publishers. The IAB has called these efforts “extortion.”

According to StatCounter, the Chrome Browser has a roughly 52 percent global market share. In North America it’s nearly 48 percent. Safari is next with 29 percent. However, when PCs are eliminated, Apple’s Safari browser is dominant in North America.

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