Mobile friendly is a must for your site, but not the most important one!

A lot has been said about Mobile First thinking or, in other words, the importance of creating and developing websites with a friendly functioning regarding to smartphones access, as most of the website traffic comes already for that kind of devices against laptops and computers.

However, last surveys about annoying browsing experiences for users reveal that there are actually some obvious details that still affect a lot of companies around the world, like the contact area, that should be clear, easy to find and through, so it should include opening hours, updated address and phone/mail/social media contact…

Even letter fonts that are not that easy to read, sometimes because of looking for extremely original designs, suppose a worst experience for the surveyed audience than a poor mobile experience.

While most consumer survey data argue that poor mobile site experiences mean lost business, Vistaprint Digital discovered something different. The company’s recent online consumer survey found that a bad mobile site experience was less of an issue than missing or incorrect name-address-phone (NAP) data.

Among factors that left a bad impression, “outdated contact information” and “no address, directions or business hours” were the top responses. Missing product information was next, followed by “unprofessional design.” Bad mobile experience was next-to-last on the list.

It’s extremely surprising that fewer than 20 percent of respondents said a “bad mobile experience” would leave them with a negative impression. This seems to directly contradict everything we’ve seen to date about the impact of non-mobile-friendly sites on consumers.

The response “fonts that make text too hard to read” (23.7 percent) implies a site that doesn’t render well on smartphones — though not necessarily.

Flipping things around, “What’s most important when it comes to having a positive experience with a small business website?” yielded a slightly higher response (21.5 percent) for “a mobile-friendly experience.”

This is not what you’d expect. From all we know, “bad mobile site experience” should be one of the top two factors influencing consumers. Instead, it was something of an afterthought. NAP-related content and product information were the key variables.

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Ade Camilleri is a leading Internet marketer and Data Marketing Analyst for some of the worlds leading Comapnies with a focus on Tourism, Public Companies, Government Organmisatioons and iGaming. He forms part of the Media Plan group of Copmpanies who provide Digital Marketing Services for iGaming, Tourtism and Fortune 500 Companies.