Instagram stories get already more users than Snapchat ones

Social Media war is nowadays agressive regarding to new updates and possibilities for users. It is well known how Facebook, which bought Instagram platform a few years ago, rules worldwide society social profiles and communications, even more after getting Whatsapp as well.

One of the multiple battles that happen every day was the one about famous Snapchat stories way to post, something that Instagram integrated eight months ago, collecting such a great success that today, Instagram stories are used by 200 million people every day, against the almost 160 million users that still go for Snapchat ones daily.

The 200-million mark continues Instagram’s trend of adding around 50 million daily Stories users every three months. In January 2017, the feature counted more than 150 million daily users, up from 100 million in October 2016. The 200-million figure also means that half of Instagram’s 400 million daily users check out the Stories feature that appears atop the app’s main screen, as well as its Explore tab; that’s the same ratio that Instagram reached in January.

In addition to overtaking Snapchat’s user count, Instagram is also taking some more of Snapchat’s features to both Stories and Instagram Direct, its private messaging feature that was updated to be more Snapchatty earlier this week.

Now, people can create their own stickers by tapping a smiley face icon to take a photo of an object that they can stick into a photo or video. Instagram dubs these selfie stickers because the idea is that people will take photos of themselves and convert those into stickers, but it’s possible to take a photo of anything and turn it into a sticker. That’s already possible on Snapchat, though on Snapchat you can trace out the sticker whereas on Instagram the selfie sticker must be circular.

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