7 essential steps to build a successful Facebook Business Page

Facebook, the Social Media that changed our concept of society, more than 1000 million people with a registered profile, integrated with Instagram, new interesting updates that make it to keep at the top… Yes, we are obviously talking about the giant created by Marc Zuckerberg.

Facebook definitely revolutionised our world, and still does it nowadays, with new acquisitions and features like he Live Streaming. That your business needs to at least exist on Facebook, even if reaching new customers is not necessary, is not mandatory but completely common sense.

Being where rest of your competitors and most of companies in the world are should be logic, but how to use your Social Media Development as the best?

Here you have a few tips in order to start with the right foot or improve what you were doing until now.

1- Schedule frequent and consistent posts

Once you have pictures and information about your business, an active page should also have relatively frequent posts. Try to post original content at least once a week, but prioritize quality over quantity. Posting several times a day might annoy your fans, causing them to unlike or unfollow your page.

3. Learn about your customers

Once your page has attracted some attention, the Audience Insight tools gather quantitative information about the people who like and visit your page. Learn more about their demographics, and use that information to reach out to new groups.

4. Encourage comments and reactions

Pay attention to the posts that get reactions and comments. Comments generally indicate a higher level of engagement because it takes more time to type a response than to simply hit “Like”.

5. Connect with the community. Be human.

Stay relevant by posting information about local festivals and other regional news. If your business is connected with charitable organizations, then social media gives you an opportunity to highlight that connection. Post photos of your employees when they volunteer with local non-profits, and show the community how your brand has a positive impact.

6. Think about investing an amount on paid advertising.

Once you collect a few hundred fans on Facebook, you’ll notice that your posts don’t seem to get as many views as they should. Your posts don’t necessarily get 50 times more exposure when your page has 50 times more followers. Paying for advertising allows you to target people with interests relevant to your industry. You can also target specific demographics and areas to maximize your advertising dollar.

7. Build Social Media within your SEO and Marketing budget.

Like updating your website for search engine optimisation, social media is a long-term project for your business. You may not have anyone experienced or qualified to manage your social media presence, and few businesses can afford to hire a new employee for this highly specialized job. Many managers have a hard enough time keeping employees off of their personal Facebook pages. Creating engaging content takes time, and the simplest option is often bundling social media maintenance with other SEO services.

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Ade Camilleri is a leading Internet marketer and Data Marketing Analyst for some of the worlds leading Comapnies with a focus on Tourism, Public Companies, Government Organmisatioons and iGaming. He forms part of the Media Plan group of Copmpanies who provide Digital Marketing Services for iGaming, Tourtism and Fortune 500 Companies.