5 ways to increase traffic through Social Media - Ade Camilleri

Sometimes there is some controversial talking about the real impact of social media over the conversion funnel. Do companies need social media just as a necessary communication channel nowadays or as a real factor in order to acquire new customers, do they increase their website traffic, both?

Everyone can have different points about the topic, however, it is commonly accepted that a professional Marketing Strategy, including digital perspective, begins with a deep company, market and competitors research, beside the corresponding aims and tactics that will be settle.

Regarding to this, it could be said that there cannot be a rule that works for every product or market, but anyway, today, there are just a few companies in the world that consider that investing in Social Media presence is a bad idea, according to how people express or look for stuff over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…

1. Focus On SEO

Marketers believe that links shared via social channels impact search rankings, and Google has corroborated the fact in the past. Moreover, social media profiles show up on search engine results, often in the topmost results when a brand’s name is searched.

2. Identify Content That Works And Amplify It

An important part of social media marketing success is optimising your content strategy. Since the effectiveness of your content inherently affects your engagement rate and search rankings, you need to be certain you share only the best content.

3. Enable Social Share Plug-ins

You can use social media plug-ins to help readers share your content. There are multiple ways in which you can enable social media sharing, a popular one being the “Click to tweet” mechanism where readers can share a short and interesting piece of your writing.

4. Keep Your Social Media Audience Engaged

You don’t have to reply to every post, but you should reply to the ones that are important. You could use a social media listening tool like Brand24 to identify and sort your mentions by priority (sentiment analysis) so you can respond to the urgent ones immediately.

5. Study Your Competitors’ Tactics

With social media performance benchmarking you can breakdown your social media traffic. You can compare how the same target audience is responding to your competitors’ social media posts.

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Ade Camilleri is a leading Internet marketer and Data Marketing Analyst for some of the worlds leading Comapnies with a focus on Tourism, Public Companies, Government Organmisatioons and iGaming. He forms part of the Media Plan group of Copmpanies who provide Digital Marketing Services for iGaming, Tourtism and Fortune 500 Companies.