Ade Camilleri - Digital Strategist

Once you properly understand the importance of the content you publish to engage and acquire new customers, besides improving your search engines rankings to increase your website´s traffic, it is time to plan a strategy according to your goals, targeted audience and resources.

You can easily find some controversial about creating content whether thinking in people or search engines, depending of how you think will serve you for your specific business goals.

What is sure for everyone is that the quality of that content is definitely essential, ergo is better to write and publish less and better than the opposite, and that necessary means to listen or research what´s your audience looking for.

1. Create in-depth content upgrades

One of the main principles that B2B marketers are embracing in 2017 is that content should only be created for real people, and not for search engines. Instead of aiming for quick SEO success, you should invest in in-depth content because longer copy ranks and converts well.

2. Embrace multimedia content creation

Multimedia is supposed to be around 75% of total Internet traffic for 2020, so there is not a lot more to say about. If you don´t work on what is being consumed, you´ll probably gete worst chances to get success.

3. Boost your traffic with user-generated content

Your own users can be the highest authority in order to acquire new customers, so their content could engage easier with rest of them.

4. Invest in micro-targeting and hyper-personalization

Another important trend that can boost your content strategy is micro-targeting. In essence, it means segmenting your target customers into smaller units on the basis of their consumer data and demographics.

5. Implement the Rule of Seven

Last but not least, you can employ a concept that has already gained wide popularity in B2B marketing but is evolving even today. It’s called the “Rule of Seven,” according to which your prospects need seven interactions with your brand before they get introduced to your paid product or service.

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Ade Camilleri is a leading Internet marketer and Data Marketing Analyst for some of the worlds leading Comapnies with a focus on Tourism, Public Companies, Government Organmisatioons and iGaming. He forms part of the Media Plan group of Copmpanies who provide Digital Marketing Services for iGaming, Tourtism and Fortune 500 Companies.