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Are you tired yet of reading about artificial intelligence on every publication possible? If not, let’s dig deeper into fascinating ways of how AI will impact everyone’s life – starting from customers, who will enjoy more personalized experience, to anyone working in SEO, medicine, gaming or other industries. AI is like a promise, which will alter our usual ways or living and working. 3 months into 2017 and the buzz around AI seems to only get bigger, but what benefits of artificial intelligence we are actually going to see?

Elimination of repetitive tasks 

The greatest benefit of AI — which is already emerging — is the elimination of repetitive tasks. From chat bots that can free up human staffers’ times to work on more complex issues, to scheduling AIs like that eliminate the need to schedule meetings, AI will ultimately help humans spend more time focusing on creative and high-mental-effort activities. – Brittany HodakZinePak

Personalized medicine 

One of the top benefits will be the emergence of personalized medicine. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, doctors will be able to tailor treatment on an individual basis and prescribe the right treatments and procedures based on your medical history. As far as living up to hype, yes — definitely. Though as with many new technologies it’s more of a question of “when” rather than “if.” – Kevin YamazakiSidebench

Improved quality of life 

With each wave of technology advancement, the quality of life for the world overall has increased. With AI, we will have better personalized healthcare, more efficient energy use, enhanced food production capabilities, improved jobs with less mundane work, and more. People will lead longer and more high quality lives. – Adelyn ZhouTOPBOTS

Time and resource allocation 

Artificial Intelligence will do wonders to help automate processes that, today, take time and manual labor but don’t contribute much to the bottom line or moving forward as a company. Automation will allow additional time and resources to be dedicated to what companies need to focus their energy on: customer experience. – Andrew KucheriavyIntechnic

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