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“The internet brings huge business opportunities and benefits, but it also brings risks. Every day there are cyber attacks on UK companies like yours, attempting to steal your information and money or disrupt your business. It is increasingly important to manage these risks to take advantage of the internet whilst protecting your business.” HM Government

No business, whether large or small, can afford to ignore cyber security. In fact, in many cases, cyber criminals see smaller businesses as ‘easier prey’ than large organisations and therefore are starting to target them aggressively.

The government advice suggests businesses of all sizes should;

Download software updates

Download software and app updates as soon as they appear. They contain vital security upgrades that keep your devices and business information safe.

Use strong passwords

Use strong passwords made up of at least three random words. Using lower and upper case letters, numbers and symbols will make your passwords even stronger.

Delete suspicious emails

Delete suspicious emails as they may contain fraudulent requests for information or links to viruses.

Use anti-virus software

Your computers, tablets and smartphones can easily become infected by small pieces of software known as viruses or malware. Install internet security software like anti-virus on all your devices to help prevent infection.

Train your staff

Make your staff aware of cyber security threats and how to deal with them.


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