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Who could have thought that mobile apps won’t make the cut into 2017 online marketing trends list? While mobile responsive pages is still a huge thing to work on right now (thanks to Google AMP project), mobile applications are simply… dated. Marketeers will agree that creating mobile app cuts quite a big portion of the marketing budget and now, thanks to the study Episerver conveyed, it is clearly seen, mobile apps are definitely not worth it.

Total of two-thirds (66%) of marketing professionals no longer include mobile apps in their marketing campaigns, reveals the new State of Digital Commerce report, launched today by Episerver.

The report analyses highlights that the majority of marketers (56%) are choosing a responsive mobile presence over mobile apps, while eight out of 10 of the top UK retailers have now adopted responsive e-commerce sites. Other results shows that 32% of top retailers do not provide a mobile application nor for iOs neither for Android devices.

David Bowen, head of product at Episerver, said: “In 2017, mobile is going to play a bigger role than ever before in both marketing and retail. Our research shows that smartphones have reached near-complete adoption in the UK, with ownership of tablet devices also now pushing 70%. Yet while mobile promotions and commerce are going to be hugely important for today’s marketers, mobile apps are going out of style.

“This switch from mobile apps to in-browser experiences is largely being driven by the surge of mobile search and the introduction of Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project. Retailers can also create ‘light weight’ webpages with all the functionality of a traditional mobile app.“

“At the same time, consumers have grown accustomed to managing their lives through a web browser. As such, the idea of manually installing and launching a different app for each brand experience seems like an unnecessary hassle.”

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