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Wonder how many of you still remember the SEO days of stuffing way too many keywords only to a website rank better. But these were pre-Google days, when keyword stuffing pretty much was the only way to get ranked. Oh, and what about link buying? Of course, now, the industry changed immensly from over optimized, keyword stuffed websites and purchased links.

Through a combination of machine learning algorithmic updates by Google, the industry focus has had to shift towards the user experience with well written content and creating assets that actually earn organic links.

Whether this be through video content, engaging copy, offering genuine utility or eye-catching infographics, SEO professionals are more aware than ever that the key to any successful campaign is engaging with their audiences.

As user engagement is thrust to the forefront of discussion, SEO and content marketing are becoming increasingly entwined. Customers nowadays consume information at a much faster rate and it’s important that marketers adapt their strategies to compete for their attention.

Just like a movie: Utilising video content

On average, video content is likely to be three times more successful at attracting audience attention. Research has also shown that 85% of consumers are likely to purchase a product after watching a video ad. As well as this, Google places video content within its core search results for certain queries. Therefore it seems only natural that marketers would use this form of content to attract and engage with their audiences.

Earlier this year Apple created a short video of a boy named Dillan Barmache, a non-verbal teenager with autism. The video showed that Dillan was able to communicate with others by using his iPad. This is a great example of company using video to not only showcase their products but also add a human interest element which led to the video being one of Buzzfeed’s most popular.

Don’t have the budget to produce the videos yourself? This shouldn’t stop you from utilising this effective tool. When writing blogs or articles, think about how you can include a video that effectively backs up the points you’re making. Platforms like YouTube and Vimeo make it incredibly easy to embed videos into your blog posts and will hold your audience’s attention much longer than plain text.

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