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Relationships are not all about romance, hearts and all things pretty. At times, they are pretty demanding and no one can argue that relationships take work. Top tips how to use data that you gathered for better understanding of your customers and keeping them for a long ride. If you want to acquire the perfect customer and keep him, keep reading.

1. Boys & girls

Of course, separating your customers by gender is an easy way out, but don’t people don’t always act as you expect them to, particularly when you try to pigeonhole them based on attributes like gender. menswear customers are women, and plenty of the keenest handbag-buyers are men!,. Not only is gender stereotyping likely to upset your wider customer base, but gender is far less important when deciding how to communicate with customers than the things that they buy.

2. Age is just a number

Likewise, don’t be tempted to group your customers based on age groups. A large bookseller found that a large proportion of its customers buying Mind, Body and Spirit books were actually in their 70s and 80s. This not only proves that you are never too old for yoga and Pilates, but also that defining your customer by their age demographic is not always the best approach.

3. Try a little tinder-ness

As with matching on Tinder, data and algorithms are your friend. Just as dating apps may match you with people based on a dater’s social network, your customers are likely to be receptive to products liked by fellow consumers that have similar tastes. As with dating, your customers may have an idea of what they want, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t open to exploring other options. Retailers have all the data at their fingertips to make these suggestions and doing so is the key to a blossoming relationship with customers.

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