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As for pretty much every marketer out there, the most interesting part about Super Bowl was… it’s advertisements. Surely, only top companies with biggest budgets can only allow themselves to advertise during Super Bowl. However, statistics from this year seems rather impressive. Super Bowl in total had 51 minutes and 20 seconds of advertising and promos and become the second most clutter game ever. Ads accounted for 23% of the total broadcast, according to figures from Kantar Media.

More than 50 minutes of ad time

Measured from the opening kickoff to the final whistle in the overtime period, Super Bowl LI contained 51 minutes, 20 seconds of national commercials, the second largest amount in history (2013 still holds the record at 51:40). The game itself lasted 3 hours, 47 minutes (including halftime) which means advertising accounted for 23% of the broadcast. By comparison, during the NFL regular season commercials accounted for 21% of an average game telecast.

Top spenders

Anheuser-Busch InBev was the top parent company in the game as measured by ad time, with 3:30 minutes of messaging. Deutsche Telekom was in second place with 3 minutes of ad time for its T-Mobile brand. Procter & Gamble aired 2:30 spread across three different brands.

Rookie advertisers in the Super Bowl

The 2017 rookies accounted for 16% of paid ad time. Three ad categories each claimed two spots on the rookie squad:

  • Mobile Gaming – Top Games USA for its Evony game; for World of Tanks
  • Personal Care Products – It’s A 10 Hair Care; Guthy-Renker for its Proactiv brand
  • Travel – Airbnb, Turkish Airlines
2016 sponsors
Of the 43 parent companies that pitched messages in the 2016 game, 18 were absent in 2016 for an attrition rate of 42%. This is a bit lower than the 49% average attrition rate for the ten years from 2007-2016.
Top categories
Despite a sharp reduction compared to previous years, auto manufacturers had the biggest presence of all ad categories in the game, accounting for eight spots and 7:00 minutes of ad time. Telecom was the second largest category with six units and 4:00 minutes of messages. Beer advertising, all from Anheuser Busch InBev, and movies were close behind. These four categories represented 44% of the total ad time from paying advertisers.

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