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Marketing automation tools enable advertisers to make exceptional campaigns that have a particular message based on a prospect’s needs. Using targeted messages combined with high quality content, advertisers can easily draw in and escort leads to convert them in to paying customers. Campaigns are most effective when both content and message speak directly to the...
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Making Noise About Google AMP

Most people, reading mobile content on a web has quite frustrating and unpleasent experience. Pages take too long to load and some of them...
Maximise your Content Marketing impact now thanks to these tips

Maximise your Content Marketing Impact

Whether you are deeply linked to Digital Marketing industry or nor, you have probably heard about link building by Content Marketing, and its importance....
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Agile Marketing: What’s the Appeal?

Agility. It’s a word in every modern marketer’s vocabulary. But what exactly does marketing agility mean? In a digital world, where consumers associate more with...
Free Stock photo websites to publish content

5 Awesome Free Stock Photo Websites

One of the essentials concerns of publishing content, in order of making your articles more visual, which is something extremely necessary nowadays, is adding...
How to plan a quality content strategy?

How to plan a quality content strategy?

Probably there is no need of mentioning again that "Content is King" that is nowadays clear on most of marketers minds. Google rewards all that...
How to approach the conversion funnel properly - Ade Camilleri

How to approach the conversion funnel properly

Within Marketing and Sales concerns, besides being worried about specific strategies and technical tasks, like some perspectives that belong to SEO, for example, sometimes...
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SimilarWeb now offers more granular metrics through Digital Insights

No matter if your business is small or big, competitor analysis must be a part of marketing strategy. It helps to asses the strengths and...