Chrome could include Ad Blocker on upcoming updates
Google Chrome is the most used browser worldwide, being present in more than 50 % of global devices, including both desktop and mobile ones. Online advertising has become an annoying issue that makes user experience definitely worse, and after the success of ad blocker extensions and software, Google finally decided...
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New Instagram feature: more posts can be used outside of ads

Another great opportunity arrised: new Instagram carousel feature is exactly what we wanted! Expanding from one picture per oganic post, to 10 photos or...
Sharing personal data, or not ; that's the question - Targeting Survey

Sharing personal data, or not ; that’s the question

Last 15 years brought us a new technological and Social Media scenario that drastically changed our lives, including the way we interact to each...
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Why Facebook is so important to B2B marketers

There has been a misconception amongst digital marketers that Facebook is good for B2C but not B2B with many saying that they would rather...
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The PPC industry would not exist under Trump’s immigration policy

President Donald Trump’s executive order barring people from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States, even if they have a valid visa...
Maximise your Content Marketing impact now thanks to these tips

Maximise your Content Marketing Impact

Whether you are deeply linked to Digital Marketing industry or nor, you have probably heard about link building by Content Marketing, and its importance....
How to get into Trending Voice Searching - Ade Camilleri

How to get into Trending Voice Searching

Voice Searching, which were a funny feature that was on way of being properly developed a few years ago, are not even the future...
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66% of Marketers No Longer Incorporate Mobile Apps into their Campaigns

Who could have thought that mobile apps won't make the cut into 2017 online marketing trends list? While mobile responsive pages is still a...